I'm working closely with producer and dear friend Abby Kuftic on a brand new collaboration called Artable Art. Our first collection, Wearable Art, is available NOW on Etsy.


Artable Art looks to elevate the aesthetic experience through delightful, hand-painted, handmade pieces everyone can own. It’s so easy to commodify art, especially when it’s available in single-serving sizes like buttons or cards. That’s why this collaboration is purposefully and carefully curated to bring fine art into your every day.

The first run of Wearable Art buttons include several nods to our hometown, Pittsburgh, as well as some unique duos that can be worn together as a complementary scene. They work equally well solo, as do all of the sets currently up for sale. More designs are in the works, and stay tuned for additional product launches – think notecards, magnets and prints.

Each piece of Wearable Art is printed from an original watercolor that I do at a slightly larger size - although not by much! The original paintings are about 1.5 inches in diameter. Abby hand presses and packages each button and curates the collection’s theme and vision. We like to have some fun with the pairs, too - like Dippy the Dinosaur, the treasured diplodocus at the Carnegie Museum of History, paired with a delicious dippy egg.