Meet the Comics

I currently post two webcomics on my site and archive a third. Wondering about the differences?

Mom Privilege

I created this comic about a year after my mom died, and it debuted at the 2016 Small Press Expo. A copy resides in the Library of Congress in Washington D.C. I'm not actively adding more to Mom Privilege, but portions of it will be included as part of a larger project I'm working on about my mom's life and death.

The Best Year of My Life

TBYOML is my primary webcomic. I update weekly, usually on Fridays. It began with an introductory chapter in December 2016 and is my primary autobio outlet in 2017. Why is this the best year of my life? I'd say you should read along to find out (and you should), but more simply, I've made enough progress in my grief process to feel confident about moving forward rather than only looking back. And yes, while that journey is filled with navel gazing and self doubt, it's still the best possible outcome of losing my job, my home, my mom, and my partner in the same six week period. Whew.

Subjective Line Weight

SubjLW is an ongoing project featuring women all over the country telling stories we're not often supposed to tell: fears and failures about our bodies, the shame of weight gain or weight loss, societal expectations of beauty standards, eating disorders, extreme (and expensive) lengths we go to in order to feel beautiful on the outside while neglecting the inside. This comic started as a whim and has now become one of the most important things I do. I try to update weekly, on Tuesdays. I am always accepting submissions from women of all ages, sizes, and backgrounds, but I'm especially welcoming women of color, trans women, and queer women to submit their stories for an upcoming comic. You are not alone. We are not alone. We are all beautiful. Fuck the patriarchy, etc. Seriously.