TBYOML July 14

I wrote this week's comic while I was in Astoria, and then I got overwhelmed with the transition back to Pittsburgh so I didn't post it last week. I'm not going to apologize for being late to my own deadline, but it is always interesting to have a little bit of mental space in between when I write or write/draw a comic and when I ultimately finish and publish it.

I'm feeling both adrift and stable at the moment, which is a contradiction I find especially frustrating, as well. So much of my life is this or that, near or far, big or small, and living pieces of two lives in Pittsburgh and Astoria only adds to my internal conflict.

On the other hand, I really am stable enough to contemplate this intellectually rather than (exclusively) emotionally, so mad props to therapy and meds for restoring my baseline. I'm building a foundation, and that's about making choices. This past week of the best year of my life, those choices were just more clearly presenting themselves. And that's probably a good thing.