Subjective Line Weight July 18

This chapter of SubjLW is hard to read but beautiful to look at. It's more like what I aspire to do with these comics - to challenge readers to consider the feelings of the women contributing their stories by way of the design. One of the things I'm most proud of is the visual metaphor of mirror images, taken directly from Lauren's first sentence. 

I do most of my comics on my iPad Pro these days, and this is a screen shot of all nine pages before I finished lettering. The mirrored pitchers, the repetitive chairs and people in the crowd, the eyes, the feet...all were chosen to represent the almost claustrophobic feeling of being trapped in her own body that Lauren so eloquently describes in the text.

I've been working very hard to capture the truth of these difficult yet necessary stories with my artwork, paneling, lettering, and editing. More than half of the women who have contributed to this project have no experience in comics, and I work from their prose narrative. Lauren's story marks the first time I think I moved from simly a retelling of the story to a completely designed sequential comic. I am grateful to her for the opportunity.