FWOW July 19

Today's FWOW is from a photograph I took in Swallow Falls State Park, near Deep Creek, Maryland. The original photo is cool but nothing special, to be honest. I think I snapped it with my old iPhone 5s last year. 

I wish I could say I noticed that it's unclear whether the steps are going up or going down at the time. I wish I could say I noticed it recently and that's why I wanted to paint it. Turns out, I noticed neither of those poetic things, and instead concentrated fully on the color. Or potential thereof.

Here's my interpretation. Unsurprisingly, it's a lot more colorful. Purple shadows, orange sunlight, and of course the green trees and ivy.

The rule for each FWOW is that I can't spend more than an hour from beginning to end, including all sketching and painting. I'll break down my process for this one in another post, but it clocked in at around 47 minutes.