Staying Busy

I try to have a lot of projects going on simultaneously. Sure, that helps prevent boredom, but it also challenges me to exercise my skills in a number of different ways.

I take commissions - right now I have three to complete in the next week - for watercolor portraits of mostly kids and pets. It sounds so conventional when I say it like that, but I try to make them anything but. Lots of color, and candid moments captured in a special way. I enjoy these when I have time to do them.

I draw two webcomics each week, Subjective Line Weight on Tuesdays and The Best Year of My Life on Fridays. Both comics are created almost entirely digitally now - a change from when TBYOML began in December 2016 - using Adobe Sketch on my iPad Pro. The style varies week to week, story to story, and I've talked about my search for my aesthetic voice in previous chapters of TBYOML. It's a process.

I paint and post two watercolor series each week, #sarahseries on Mondays and FWOW on Wednesdays. Painting from photographs - and translating from one medium to another - is excellent practice, but I don't let myself get too precious with this discovery. One hour, start to finish. Sometime I love the result, sometimes I cringe every time I scroll past the image. But the important thing will be the consistency of the exercise.

I'm working on greeting cards for the upcoming holiday season - a series of cocktails, some adorable mazes for Tiny Not Trivial, and a whole slew of Pittsburgh-specific images. These are a tremendous amount of fun, and I'm really looking forward to the final products.

And finally (maybe?!) I'm also doing a whole series of musical theatre/comics mashups to pair with my Old Hollywood Women of Marvel mashups. These will be available as prints in the fall. Niche audience? Certainly. But fucking awesome? Absolutely.

I'm heading back to the drawing board, but in a good way. Lots of things to work on. Stay busy. Stay focused. Be well.