Color Theory

I love color. I have synesthesia, so I process color and sound and memory in a different way than many people do. I associate colors with certain memories and feelings, and sometimes sounds that don't always relate to the actual name or person or object. (I've written about this in TBYOML, btw.)

File_000 (8).jpeg

Sometimes when I paint, I exaggerate the colors to an unnatural level. I try to be mindful of skintone and facial expressions - those are usually part of an individual's identity, and my desire to add in some green could be perceived poorly. On the other hand, I recently completed a commission of two beautiful greyhounds done almost entirely with purples and oranges. Their owners were ecstatic.

I'm working on a series of cocktails for the holidays. They are mostly mono and duochromatic, from photographs I or my friends took. They feel more festive, more celebratory to me in this way.