Try To Remember

What a whirlwind month, and the most intensive week is just getting started. In September, I tabled at SPX, packed up my apartment (okay, so I'm still packing), drew and painted a 14 page comic for an upcoming anthology (okay, so I'm still drawing and painting), and moved (that's technically next week). I haven't taken on any new commissions for about six weeks, and this is why! Almost every day has been spent prepping for the next huge thing on the calendar.

That's also why I'm 'behind' in terms of weekly comic updates, particularly with Subjective Line Weight. This is a bummer with intention. I have several remarkable stories waiting for me, and they deserve my complete attention. I don't want to adhere to my own arbitrary schedule if it means posting a lower quality comic, and trust me: these are worth the wait.

Right after I move, I'm heading up to NYCC (though I won't be tabling). And when I say right after, I mean immediately, same day, as soon as we're done. It is decidedly not awesome, but it is what it is. Unpacking and getting settled will await my return, as will the completion of the anthology story.

Bring on Inktober!